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  Krisztina Koltai was twelve when she hopped a bus to see a matinee of Dirty Dancing. When it ended, she promptly looped right back into the next screening, damned if it meant a grounding.
  The spell was cast. Movies were her happy place.

  When the time came, she moved to LA to earn her theater degree at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, and spent the next decade taking [most] any role she could get: on stage, in classics like Neil Simon's "Barefoot in the Park", to goofy comic bits, in films like “Sex Tape”, a comedy starring Cameron Diaz, where Krisztina's fluent Hungarian came in very handy!
  But not until the dark comedy short, “Meat Cute”, did Krisztina find her true happy place. It was the first time she had contributed to a project as a writer.
  Krisztina has since immersed herself in further education and practice, hoping to evolve in both fields. Described in Hungarian Glamour Magazine as "an extraordinary, straightforward talent", Krisztina Koltai aims to uphold that lovely distinction.

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