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Film & Television

Meat Cute                                          lead                    dir. Tim Gray

Always Down                                    lead                    dir. Don Raimondi

Sex Tape (with Cameron Diaz)       supporting          dir. Jake Kasdan/ Columbia Pictures

Threshold                                           lead                    48Hour Film Project, 2013 (finalist)

Breathe Deeply                                  lead                    dir. Jenna Kirshon
Bradley No Friends                           supporting          dir. Will Phelps
Lancaster                                           supporting          dir. Tim Gray/ Xenoglossy Productions

Spite Club                                          lead                    48Hour Film Project 2012
Grade A Affair                                   lead                    dir. Siobhan Brame

There Are No Angels...                      supporting         48Hour Film Project 2011 (finalist)

Stay Still                                             supporting         dir. David Kelly

The Cure                                             supporting        dir. Anthony Onah

The Prayed For                                   supporting         dir. David Brame

Sugar on the Floor                              lead                   dir. Hannah Henry

The King of Queens                           featured             Hanley Productions



Barefoot In The Park                           Corie                dir.  Stan Mazin-Group Rep Theater Co.
The City                                               Tess                 dir. Stan Mazin-Group Rep Theater Co.
Painting Churches                                Mags               dir.  Kappy Kilburn-Group Rep Theater Co.
I Am Yours                                           Dee                 The Ivy Substation

Eye of the Gull                                    Annie               dir.  Anthony DiPietro-Jehlinger Theater



The Pack Theater

     ~Sketch Writing: Eric Moneypenny

The Groundlings 

    ~Improv: Karen Maruyama
​The Group Repertory Theater Company (member 2009-2011)

The American Academy of Dramatic Arts (graduate)
   ~Scene Study: Diana Stevenson, Nancy Boykin
   ~Voice: John Peck
   ~Comedia Del 'Arte: Norma Boyles

    ~Shakespeare: Jennifer Parker

Jason Alexander Master Class

Daphne Kirby Workshop

Jeannie Berlin Intensive (can be seen in "The Night Of" series)

Carole Gutierrez Scene Study (can be seen in "The Menendez Brothers" series)

Kate McClanaghan (of Sound Advice Inc.) Voice Over Coaching

age range: 45-50

height: 5'5"

eyes: light blue

hair: dirty blonde


fluent in: Hungarian​, American English

accents:  Hungarian, American


~USA & EU passport holder

~professional bartender

~ice skater, roller skater

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