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krisztina koltai acting reeL

"Sex Tape" clip

With Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel

Columbia Pictures, 2014

Running time: 0:17 sec

Director: Jake Kasdan

"BEST OF 2017" Finalist in the 48Hour Film Project (


Push Freedom Films, 2017

Running time: 1:59 min

Director: Timothy Gray


"Spite Club" clip
part of the 48Hour Film Project, 2012 (

Xenoglossy Productions, 2012

Running time: 1:00 min

Director: Timothy Gray

"Stay Still" clip​​


UCLA, 2011

Running time: 0:20 min

Director: David Kelly

"The Prayed For" clip​​


Chapman University

Running time: 0:34 min

Director: David Brame

"Threshold" clip
finalist in the 48Hour Film Project, 2013 (


Xenoglossy Productions, 2013

Running time: 1:25 min

Director: Timothy Gray


"Always Down" clip


part of the 48Hour Film Project, 2015 (


Danger Cracking Productions

Running Time: 1:20 min

Director: Don Raimondi

"Lancaster" clip​​


Xenoglossy Productions, 2012

Running time: 0:33 min

Director: Timothy Gray

"A Little Sugar" editing project


song by: Nina Simone

Running time: 2:33 min

Director/Editor: Sharlene Durfey

This is just a little bit of nonsense, made by the [ incredibly talented ] Sharlene Durfey. It was an "experiment in editing", seeing as she was trying out her new equipment. To see all of Sharlene Durfey's works, simply go to

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